this guy is systematically undoing the world

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  • Kid: Yeah give me a pack of Marlboro Reds.
  • Cashier: Are you 18?
  • Kid: It's okay, they're a metaphor.


why do moms get so pissed about how many empty water bottles you have in your room 


Bae: wanna get something to eat?

Me: I’m broke shawd

Bae: it’s okay I got you





Alright! So I’m moving very soon, and my mother is making me give away merch I’ve collected over the years. I’ve figured I’ll just give it away rather than asking someone to buy it, since a lot of people probably cant afford their own merch!


Please read this thoroughly before asking questions, and if you do have questions, please ask ME.

Must be following me and Nicolle, we will be checking.

If you unfollow at any point during the give away you will be disqualified.

NO give away blogs! We’ll be looking through your archive to make sure it wasn’t a give away blog. 

Likes are allowed.

I will ship world wide. 

All merch above ranges from small to medium. 

Following me (KIM) on instagram (@kburrz) and twitter (@kburrz) will increase your chances to win. Following both will count as 10 extra reblogs and following one will count as 5 reblogs. Notify me immediately after doing so so I can write you down for your reblogs!

End date TBD